International Move

You are planning a move to Europe or internationally, our cross-border expertise is recognized throughout France, and abroad. Entrust your objects and furniture to our professional movers.

The expert company for international moving

moving abroad puts you in front of a big questioning. In addition to the formalities that await you as part of your expatriation and the sometimes confusing change of scenery that this experience will provide, there is also the pressure of knowing how to organize your departure, with all your personal effects and furniture. However, our service is present to ensure your international move . No worries, we'll take care of everything.

As part of a move in Europe or a border move , we are deploying the same offer as in France. Thus, we are able to take care of your objects and your furniture and take them to your point of arrival, regardless of the location. Saren & Company, the moving company, is a French company, expert in moving without constraints of place or borders.

We offer the best services

Our company carries out the removal from A to Z of your objects and personal effects, heaviest furniture,furnishings and cumbersome, no matter the place or the country. We provide packing , boxing , secure transport via suitable vehicles.

Thus, we have a fleet of trucks and vans tailor-made to meet all your expectations by transporting all your volumes, whatever the destination. In order to have access to the apartments even on upper floors, we have repositionable furniture lifts . Our movers are trained in the use of this material and in European standards for a move in Europe or border move .

In addition, we can provide a dedicated service for furniture storage : a service sought after by all those looking for a box temporary storage pending the final date of the move. Regarding your furniture, our movers are trained to move them but also to reassemble them. We do not only ensure the movement of your furniture , but also their installation in your new place, with your family if you are a private , or with your collaborators if you represent a company .

100% high-quality service

Renowned company in the field of moving in Europe as in France, our company is concerned about its image. We pay the greatest attention to our customers to satisfy them throughout our intervention. high-quality service is at the heart of our commitments. We take care of the formalities related to the transport of your goods outside our borders. It is therefore an all-inclusive offer that accompanies you in your international move.

The first contact with our company should be the right one. By entrusting us with their effects and furniture, our private and professional customers discover a tailor-made offer. Our company provides daily services outside the borders of France. We are able to quickly provide you with a free quote before setting an appointment for our intervention, as soon as you are ready for the big departure.