Home Move

The sense of service for a perfect move

As part of your move, you prefer to take care of only the essentials. It's only natural: moving in requires a lot of effort, the task can even be overwhelming if you are not well organized. You have to be accompanied by talented professionals , flawless and dedicated to this mission every day, to achieve a quick move and without worry.

Our movers have an eye for detail and precision, a taste for objects, the strength necessary to carry your heavy furniture even on high floors, and the necessary precaution to transport them without a hitch. This is the basis of our offer: the sense of service , with professional movers .

Let's move together in France and abroad

We are able to intervene everywhere in France and abroad as part of your move . Saren & Company is a company that helps you design your home move , by transporting your items but also by providing several additional services, such as storage and the assembly of new furniture . Let's move together and you won't have to worry about a thing anymore, our French - and international - company takes care of everything, potentially from packaging to relocation to your new home. All you have to do is open your door.

Our experience in Home Move field

Made up of a team of reliable and certified movers , Compagnie du Déménagement enjoys a real and even growing reputation in the world of moving in France . Our main commitment is quality, the attention we pay to all our customers, as well as cost control.

With us, you will benefit from a free estimate . A sales meeting will be organized prior to our intervention in order to precisely calibrate the service offer that suits you best. We will thus adjust the number of movers working with you, as well as the moving trucks to be brought in to take charge of your objects and furniture.

Saren & Company transports and assembles your furniture

As part of a Home Move , we deploy special services to take care of your bulky and fragile furniture. If the professionals of our team adapt to the transported objects, our vehicles and equipment too, with the presence of trucks , vans and furniture lifts to reach your floors.

More than transporting your furniture, we reinstall it in your new home. We thus ensure the packaging , the installation and the installation of your furniture even in the case of a new purchase to equip your new home.

Because the organization of a move is not easy, and you do not necessarily know where to store some of your personal effects at the precise moment when you make your move, we ensure also the role of furniture storage .

When we tell you that we are experts in all your special moves , it is not for nothing. We suggest that you call us without further delay, our team is able to quickly deliver a personalized offer .